Our services

Assessment of new projects based on our experience, from an initial idea to the delivery of the first samples.

We have a CAD-CAM program that allows us to follow the product from the initial phase to its final manufacture.

  • Compression of thermostable -SMC, BMC, Bakelite … – by hydraulic presses of different tonnage.
  •  Compression of composite parts: machined metal + insulation.
  • PIMC: robotized application of powder paint applied directly in the manufacturing process (mould) for an excellent part finish and greater resistance to scratching than any other conventional paints.
  • Revision and implementation of existing moulds for manufacturing in our facilities.
  • Testing of moulds for first samples of parts.
  • Preventive maintenance of our own moulds and those of our clients.
  • Mechanizations of all types of materials, both by hand and with CNC-type machines.
  • Structures, cabinets, assemblies…..

Wide experience in the creation of tools for machining and/or assembly, reducing time and uniformity of manufacturing processes.