Blog de Mecanizados Martiartu

Trays of different sizes, uses and measurements

SMC trays of different sizes with cavities, smooth, coloured, for coins, etc. Consult us for your needs. 490×390 trays with cavitiess 480×370 flat trays 405×275 flat trays

Polyester plates

Plates of different sizes, thicknesses, colours and qualities according to the customer’s needs. These can be accompanied by machining according to the customer’s project.

Electrical cabinets

Polyester electrical cabinets for different installations and measurements according to customer requirements.

Polyester grids

Polyester grids capable of improving current metal grids, made of 100% composite material with fiberglass.

Water jet machining

Machining of ventilation grids of bus engine covers.


I enclose the news of our presence at the next subcontracting fair at the BEC. Mecanizados Martiartu participará en la Feria de Subcontratación

Coating and insulation of vehicles with polyester

Coating made of glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin, for the protection of the interior parts of commercial and industrial vehicles. Floor protection: Installation filled with glass-fibre reinforced polyester resin.